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540 - 4438 W. 10th Ave.

Vancouver, B.C.

Canada V6R 4R8


We build the best in decking and privacy partition solutions to fit your single or multi unit dwellings. Extend your home outdoors with barbecue and sun tanning space for the whole family to enjoy.

Residential Decks and Partitions

Our skilled carpenters can make the very best out of your living space with classical or modern highlights for ceilings, stairs or centerpieces.

Residential Finish Mouldings

Parapet profile highlights can bring out the character of your roofline and finish your building system with details that set your development apart from the competitors.

Commercial Parapet Profiles

t. 604.484.8491  

f. 604.228.6434



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Meypro offers a wide range of carpentry services, see the Commercial and Residential links for more information.